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Job creation is the key to a strong economy. Higher taxes and more government regulation will never lead to economic prosperity.  Rather such an approach will drive investment down and make it more difficult to attract young innovative companies to Oregon. Oregon needs more availability/access to shovel-ready land to effectively entice companies to consider Oregon as a place to prosper. Cutting red-tape and a cumbersome bureaucratic process will be a priority. Oregon’s crippling regulations and over-burdensome tax policies will no longer be an albatross around the neck of hard working families and businesses.

Our government must stop the backroom dealings, broken websites and political cronyism running rampant in Salem. Greg will create a pro-growth, anti-regulatory agenda and put our economy back on track. The free-market is the best-market.

Oregon’s tax policy continues to put us at a competitive disadvantage with other states.  Increasing niche taxes like a sales tax on cars, a sales tax on health insurance and a gross receipts tax are several bad ideas that continue to make Oregon less competitive.  State and Local taxes, user fees, combined with an unhealthy regulatory burden, out dated land use laws, make it difficult to attract new entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to Oregon. This inability is impeding our ability to broaden our tax base resulting from economic growth.  Simply put, Oregon must be competitive.  Greg will work to make our tax code, transparent, simple and fair for hard working families and small businesses.

A strong education system is essential to providing a bright and competitive future for our children.  Currently, Oregon’s k-12 education system is ranked 44 out of 50 states and the District of Columbia. This is unacceptable. Our children and our grandchildren deserve better and we can do better.

Greg will fight to increase the number of days our children spend in the classroom. Oregon public schools have one of the shortest school years in the country. We can no longer continue the failed logic that less time in the classroom will yield better results. Opportunities must be expanded and not cut. Critical programs like music and arts programs along with extra-curricular activities must be restored. Finally, the funding of our public education system must be prioritized by ensuring the dollars get directly into the classrooms and not political pay-backs. Without reforms the dollars will continue to be wasted and the results will continue to be unacceptable.

Our government employees and anyone for that matter must be able to speak truth to power. In order for our government to function without resent, our government must function under the sunshine of accountability.  As governor Greg will work with Secretary of State Dennis Richardson to fund audits of ALL state agencies to ensure accountability back to the taxpayers.  Wasting government valuable government resources only serves to erode the trust between the government and those that fund the government.

The Second Amendment is clear. The extreme anti-firearms activists must not be allowed to drive the conversation. Greg believes banning firearms will not solve the real issues responsible for violence. Greg is against anyone being assaulted by any means, and for any reason and the taking of any life unnecessarily. Our self-defense rights must not be sacrificed for political gain that preys on people’s emotions and fear.

Oregonians have compassionate hearts and open minds, but the exploitation of Oregonians generosity in dealing with illegal aliens must stop. The financial toll extracted resulting from the services the current administration proposes to fund is unacceptable. The rule of law is just that, the rule of law.  As a military officer for 27 years Greg understands rules and enforcing rules. Without consequence, a law is merely words. The so-called “sanctuary state” status currently applied to Oregon must be repealed.  The Federal government’s proposed withholding of Federal funds for states refusing to enforce the law will have grave consequences in our ability as a state to function to the levels needed and deserved by all Oregonians. Finally, the current administration’s audacity in once again circumventing the will of the people by agreeing to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens must be stopped.

Greg is pro-life.  Greg is the only candidate endorsed and supported by Oregon Right to Life.

In 2016 the voters passed Measure 96 which dedicated money to fund veteran’s benefits and veteran’s programs. To date Governor Brown and the democratic leadership have failed to fund the will of the people.  Greg will prioritize veterans and fight for them just as they have fought for us. As a veteran Greg is keenly aware of the difficulties facing veterans when they return home, state government shouldn’t make the transition more difficult.

Oregon’s transportation priorities must include new road construction, bridge maintenance and rationale investment in transit.  Greg will partner with cities, counties, the Legislature, Congress and the private sector to insure the proper investments in roads, bridges and transit are made.  Oregon’s large and small businesses rely on a vibrant transportation system so they can grow and create more economic opportunities.

The state’s natural beauty is one of Oregon’s best assets.  Environmental policies must responsibly balance the needs of an ever-expanding population with the preservation of the beauty that is uniquely Oregon’s.  Oregon’s agricultural and farming industries fully understand this important need. The state and federal government have squandered instead of managed our natural resources over the past few decades. Every year, hundreds of thousands of acres of our forests in Oregon burn – more carbon is released into the air from these fires than is released from all the vehicular emissions for all vehicles in the Pacific Northwest.

This is unacceptable. Healthy, well-managed forests are good for our environment. The fires will continue to rage every season unless our government steps in and plays an active role in sustainable forest practices. Not only will this be better for our environment as a whole, it will also allow us to manufacture a product, put Oregonians to work in family wage jobs and create wealth for our local communities.

Oregon’s land use policies are outdated and must be revisited.  The current land use policies have led to an artificial restriction on developable land therefore keeping available housing inventory at a minimum. Continuing down the current path will result in inflated home prices and continue to price first-time homebuyers out of the real estate market.  Home ownership is a great opportunity for working families to establish a secure financial future and also provides a stable school funding source. The American dream of homeownership should be realized by anyone willing to make the sacrifice it takes to do so.

Oregon’s capable, hard-working public employees provide a valuable service to our state.  However, the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) is on an unsustainable track.  The legislature must address the unfunded liability of PERS which is currently $25B.  Without addressing this unfunded liability of PERS, public employees, their children and the state cannot truly be assured of its solvency. More importantly an unstable PERS system robs critical services of scarce resources, reducing the funds available to educate of children, protect our streets and modernize our states infrastructure.  We can do better for our public employees and Oregon taxpayers.