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Greg Wooldridge is a 27-year Navy Captain (retired) and the only commanding officer to lead the Navy’s precision aerobatic team, the Blue Angels, for three separate tours.  Greg led the Blue Angels on a world tour with airshows in seven different countries. Something that had never been done before nor since.  He was selected because of his extraordinary and demonstrated ability to build teams where communication, trust, and teamwork took precedence over rank and status.  His heart-driven leadership approach proved a perfect match for the Blue Angels culture of excellence.  Greg was called back to lead the Blues two more times including his historic third tour which many consider the sole reason the Blues are still an active Navy flight team today.

Since his success with the Blue Angels, Greg has traveled throughout the United States and abroad sharing his leadership methods empowering individuals and teams to achieve their personal and professional goals on their journey towards “High Performance” team behaviors.

From the beginning of his career Greg has been immersed in building the capability and trust required to lead great teams. During flight candidate school, the intense camaraderie taught Greg the value of emotional solidarity which elevated individual performance while elevating the performance of the team.  Later, as the commander of an aircraft carrier-based squadron, Greg discovered team members are driven toward something greater than themselves.   Unlocking an ability to achieve extreme, astonishing levels of performance and elevating the entire organization are essential to success.  Finally, when he was selected as the commanding officer of the Blue Angels – the world’s premiere flight demonstration squadron – Greg experienced what it was like to put one’s passionate beliefs into action as he spiraled upward on a journey to empower others to achieve the impossible.

Between “call back” Blue Angel tours, Greg commanded the Navy’s top master jet base – Naval Air Station Lemoore, CA.  With the responsibility to govern a navy base the size of a city, Greg formed a high-performance team built on trust and accountability.  Because of his exceptional leadership, the base was recognized as the top navy base in the world with the President’s Installation Excellence Award

Greg is now prepared to embark on what he believes is his final call to duty. He is running for governor of Oregon with a laser-focused desire to “right the ship.”  Greg may be new to political campaigns but Greg is not new to public service. Without a doubt, most people would agree that Greg’s dedication to those he serves and his demonstrated leadership skills are a much-needed addition to the political process.

Wooldridge for Governor
Wooldridge for Governor